Jan 12, 2009

Site Design

As far as the design stage of the site is going, I have come up with this little cutie!

Me and my friend agreed it was so cyute, and this is what we are going to use for our business. Of course a few things will end up changing, like the curly rose thing, being one, but hopefully the site will be up and running by mid June. We wont be sporting much by then. Just some reviews, news, and designs for upcoming products we will be selling.

Anyone wanting to link exchange or run advertising through the site should look forward to when it opens.

Left panel is inside links and link hierarchy, right is advertising and link exchanges. The menu bar will also sport a dropdown menu where applicable. I'm working on coding all of this.


Dianna B. said...

that is so flippin awesome

Shironotenshi said...

^^o Thank yous! XD Now if only the coding wouldn't be so mean to me.

riya manna said...

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